Tell Your Cat I Said Pspspsps – Funny Sticker Decal Review

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The Tell Your Cat I Said Pspspsps Funny Sticker Decal is a must-have for any cat lover looking to add a touch of humor to their car. This sticker decal is not only funny but also easy to apply and durable, making it a great addition to any vehicle.

One of the standout features of this sticker decal is its design. The die-cut design ensures that there is no background, giving it a clean and sleek look. The size of 2″ x 7.5″ is perfect for placement on car windows or any smooth surface. The white color stands out well against any background, making it easily visible to others.

One of the major benefits of this sticker decal is its ability to spread joy and laughter. Many customers have reported catching people smiling and laughing at the sticker in their rearview mirror. It’s a simple and inoffensive way to bring a smile to someone’s face and brighten their day.

Another benefit of this sticker decal is its durability. Customers have mentioned that it has withstood their back windshield wipers for a couple of months without any signs of wear or peeling. The high-quality material ensures that it can withstand various weather conditions and car washes, making it a long-lasting addition to your vehicle.

Applying the sticker decal is a straightforward process. Simply decide where you want to place it, clean the window with alcohol and a paper towel, and then wipe it with a lint-free cloth. Peel off the backing and apply the decal to the window, using the defrosting/defogging lines for alignment. Rub the surface of the entire decal with a credit card to ensure proper adhesion, and then slowly peel off the cover film from the letters.

While the majority of customers have had a positive experience with this sticker decal, there have been a few minor drawbacks reported. Some customers have mentioned that the letters can come off over time. However, the seller has been responsive and has sent replacements to those affected.

In conclusion, the Tell Your Cat I Said Pspspsps Funny Sticker Decal is a fun and durable addition to any cat lover’s car. Its humorous design and easy application make it a great conversation starter and a way to spread joy to others on the road. While there have been a few reports of letters coming off, the overall quality and durability of the decal make it a worthwhile purchase.

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