Splash Foam Toilet Cleaner Review: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

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When it comes to keeping our toilets clean and fresh, we all want a product that is effective and easy to use. That’s why I decided to try out the Splash Foam Toilet Cleaner. With its promise of foaming action and powerful cleaning capabilities, I was excited to see if it could live up to the hype.

Splash Foam Toilet Cleaner

Features and Benefits

The Splash Foam Toilet Cleaner claims to be an upgraded version of its predecessor, offering improved foaming and cleaning power. It is manufactured by Teissuly, a reputable brand known for its household cleaning products.

One of the main benefits of this cleaner is its foaming action. The foam is designed to cling to the toilet bowl, allowing the cleaning agents to penetrate and dissolve tough stains and build-up. This makes it easier to scrub away dirt and grime, leaving your toilet sparkling clean.

Splash Foam Toilet Cleaner in action

Another advantage of the Splash Foam Toilet Cleaner is its ease of use. Simply apply the foam to the inside of the toilet bowl, let it sit for a few minutes, and then scrub with a toilet brush. The foam clings well to the surface, ensuring that the cleaning agents have enough time to work their magic.


Despite its promising claims, the Splash Foam Toilet Cleaner has received mixed reviews from customers. Some users have reported that the product did not foam as much as they expected, making it difficult to spread and cover the entire bowl. Additionally, a few customers mentioned that the cleaner did not effectively remove tough stains and build-up, leaving them disappointed with the results.

Splash Foam Toilet Cleaner customer review

Customer Reviews

Let’s take a look at what some customers had to say about the Splash Foam Toilet Cleaner:

  • “I forgot to check the rating of this product on Amazon — it was rated very low — I would not have purchased it — product does not come with instructions, product does not ‘foam’ a lot, and product did not clean hardly any build-up on the toilet bowl.” – 1-star review
  • “This product did not foam, did not clean, did not work at all. I even used a half container on my second try and again NOTHING happened. This is a total waste of time and money. The only thing good about the product is their advertisement.” – 1-star review
  • “This product did not foam or clean my toilets one bit. Unfortunately I didn’t read the reviews before I purchased, if I would have, I would have saved some money. Didn’t remotely come close to advertisement. Definitely not recommend!” – 1-star review

Splash Foam Toilet Cleaner customer review

Final Verdict

Based on my personal experience and the feedback from other customers, I cannot confidently recommend the Splash Foam Toilet Cleaner. While it may work for some, there are too many reports of it not living up to its claims. The lack of foaming and cleaning power, as well as the difficulty in spreading the product, are major drawbacks that cannot be ignored.

If you’re looking for an effective toilet cleaner, I suggest exploring other options that have proven track records and positive customer reviews. It’s always important to do your research before making a purchase to ensure you’re getting a product that meets your expectations.

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