Review: When She Returned by Lucinda Berry

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When She Returned

Review: When She Returned by Lucinda Berry

When She Returned by Lucinda Berry is a gripping psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The story revolves around Kate Bennett, who vanished from a parking lot eleven years ago, leaving behind her husband and young daughter. When she suddenly reappears at a Montana gas station with an infant and screaming for help, it sets off a chain of events that exposes dark secrets and the hidden truth of family relationships.

The book delves into the aftermath of Kate’s return and the impact it has on her family. Her husband has remarried, and her daughter barely remembers her. As the family tries to help Kate reintegrate into society, they uncover truths they’ve been hiding from each other. But they soon realize that they aren’t the only ones with secrets.


  • The writing style is engaging and keeps you hooked from start to finish.
  • The plot is filled with suspense and unexpected twists that will leave you guessing.
  • The characters are well-developed and relatable, with their flaws and complexities.
  • The book explores themes of family, betrayal, and the consequences of secrets.
  • The pacing is excellent, making it a quick and compelling read.


  • Some readers may find the story predictable, especially if they are familiar with similar plotlines in movies or documentaries.
  • Character growth could have been more pronounced.

Overall, When She Returned is a well-written and captivating thriller that will keep you entertained until the very end. Lucinda Berry’s unique writing style and the intriguing plot make it a worthwhile read. While the story may not be entirely original, the author’s ability to create suspense and maintain a sense of mystery sets it apart.

If you enjoy psychological thrillers with complex characters and unexpected twists, I highly recommend giving When She Returned a read.

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