Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield – Eevee Heroes Expansion (Booster Box) Review

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As an avid collector of Pokemon cards, I recently purchased the Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield – Eevee Heroes Expansion Booster Box. This booster box is the Korean version of the set, which is important to note as it differs in value compared to the Japanese or English versions. The Korean version typically sells for around $65-$70, which is significantly less than what the seller is asking for.

Despite the discrepancy in value, the Eevee Heroes Expansion Booster Box is still a worthwhile purchase for collectors and players alike. It contains 30 booster packs, with each pack containing 5 random cards. The box is 100% genuine and features stunning artwork of various Eevee evolutions.

One of the major benefits of opting for the Korean version is the assurance of quality. With the recent controversies surrounding stolen hit cards in the Japanese and US sets, the Korean booster box feels like a safer bet. The cards in this set are of good quality, and the artwork is interesting and visually appealing.

However, it is important to consider the language barrier when purchasing the Korean version. The cards and packaging are in Korean, which may be a drawback for collectors who prefer English or Japanese versions. Additionally, the resale value of the Korean cards may not be as high as the other language versions.

Overall, the Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield – Eevee Heroes Expansion Booster Box is a solid addition to any Pokemon card collection. It offers a unique perspective with its Korean version and provides collectors with a chance to own exclusive cards. The quality of the cards and artwork is commendable, making it an enjoyable experience for both collectors and players.


  • Authentic Korean version
  • Good quality cards
  • Interesting artwork


  • Lower resale value compared to other language versions
  • Language barrier for non-Korean speakers

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