ITEQ Brake Fluid Liquid Tester Pen with 5 LED Indicators, Calibrated For DOT3 DOT4 Brake Fluid – Review

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The ITEQ Brake Fluid Liquid Tester Pen is a handy tool for testing the quality of your car’s brake fluid. It quickly and accurately checks the percentage of water in the brake fluid, helping you determine if it needs to be changed to avoid potential accidents on the road.

The tester features 5 LED indicators that display the water content in the brake fluid. The indicators use three colors – green, yellow, and red – to represent different levels of water contamination. This makes it easy to interpret the results and take appropriate action.

One of the standout features of this tester is its calibration for both DOT4 and DOT3 brake fluids. While DOT3 brake fluid is being replaced by DOT4 due to its better performance, this tester can still be used for both types, providing versatility and convenience.

Using the ITEQ Brake Fluid Liquid Tester Pen is incredibly simple and quick. It only takes a few seconds to know the results, allowing you to efficiently check the brake fluid quality. The tester is also CE and RoHS approved, ensuring its safety and reliability.

One minor drawback mentioned by some customers is the battery cover, which can be prone to breaking. However, it’s important to note that even if the battery cover breaks, it won’t discharge the battery if left in the tester. Taking care of the tester and keeping it clean can help mitigate this issue.

Overall, the ITEQ Brake Fluid Liquid Tester Pen is a reliable and accurate tool for testing brake fluid quality. It provides valuable information to car owners, helping them make informed decisions about their brake fluid maintenance. With its easy-to-use design and calibrated indicators, this tester is a must-have for anyone looking to ensure the safety and performance of their vehicle’s braking system.

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