Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments – A Review

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The Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments are a great addition to the popular Magic Wand Personal Vibrating Massager. These attachments provide added versatility and pleasure for users, allowing them to explore different sensations and experiences.

Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments

Features and Benefits

The Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments come in two variations: the G-Spot attachment and the Straight attachment. The G-Spot attachment features a curved design that is specifically designed to target the G-Spot for intense stimulation. The Straight attachment, on the other hand, provides a more traditional and versatile experience.

G-Spot Attachment

Both attachments are made from a hard plastic material, which ensures durability and easy cleaning. While some users may prefer a softer material, the rigidity of the plastic allows for precise and targeted stimulation.

Straight Attachment

One of the major benefits of these attachments is their compatibility with the Hitachi Magic Wand. They are easy to attach and remove, providing a hassle-free experience. Additionally, they stay securely in place during use, ensuring uninterrupted pleasure.

Customer Feedback

Customer reviews for the Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments have been mixed. Some users appreciate the rigid plastic material, as it allows for precise stimulation. They find the attachments easy to use and enjoy the added versatility they provide.

However, there are some drawbacks mentioned by customers. Some users find the hard plastic material uncomfortable, especially during prolonged use. Additionally, a few users have reported that the attachments can cause the Hitachi Magic Wand to produce audible vibration sounds, which can be distracting.

Customer Review


The Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments are a worthwhile investment for users of the Magic Wand Personal Vibrating Massager. They provide added versatility and pleasure, allowing users to explore different sensations. The rigid plastic material may not be suitable for everyone, but it does offer precise stimulation. However, the attachments may cause the Hitachi Magic Wand to produce audible vibration sounds, which can be a minor drawback.

Overall, if you are looking to enhance your experience with the Hitachi Magic Wand, these attachments are worth considering.

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