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I acquired this stimulator massager with the purpose of alleviating the discomfort in my ankle, leg, shin, and knee. In an unfortunate incident one early morning, while I was still in a drowsy state, I missed a step on the staircase and tumbled down, impacting the floor with my right leg twisted. Fortunately, the X-ray results indicated no bone fractures, though I did sustain an injury to the Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) as more tests were conducted. This was further aggravated by existing mild osteoarthritis.

The pain in my leg, spanning from the knee downwards—encompassing the knee, shin, and ankle—became excruciating. Seeking relief, I was directed to a physical therapist. Interestingly, I discovered that the physical therapist employed EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) in their treatments. This prompted me to explore options on Amazon for an electric stimulator that could aid in improving blood circulation in my leg.

My initial purchase, unfortunately, proved ineffective as the strength of the device was inadequate, prompting me to return it. Determined to find a more suitable solution among the plethora of options available, I set my sights on the EMS Foot Stimulator Massager. Despite the presence of some negative reviews, what truly caught my attention were the video reviews showcasing its capacity to increase in intensity when pressure is applied.

Upon receiving the device, I was pleasantly surprised by its potency as I gradually ramped up the power. I scarcely reached the fifth power level due to its robustness. Over time, I began to notice a gradual increase in relief from using it. The benefits were not immediate; rather, they manifested progressively as I adhered to a consistent routine. This approach yielded substantial results, prompting me to reduce my frequency of visits to the physical therapist. After just three sessions, I opted to discontinue in-person therapy and instead continued my exercises at home, supplemented by the use of this stimulator.

My journey with the EMS Foot Stimulator Massager has demonstrated its efficacy in providing relief, albeit with a gradual and steady approach. Despite initial skepticism arising from mixed reviews, the device’s demonstrated strength and my personal experience have proven its value in managing my discomfort and aiding my recovery, making it an indispensable part of my healing regimen for over two months now.

This is really cool. I used to use a TENS machine on my feet but eventually it got to be a paid with all the wires and the pads. This is literally the same thing! Only all you have to do is put your feet on it. I enjoy sitting at my desk with my feet on this, probably at least once or twice a day. It’s very relaxing. The device in the center charges fast and does seem to have a good battery length. I’ll go days without having to recharge it.

A remote would have made operating it a tad easier, but let’s be honest, I don’t need another remote laying around. The buttons are such that you can adjust them with your toe as needed, though I do wish they would have spaced them out a little more – I often end up bumping the wrong one.

I was pleasantly surprised that this actually works. The massage setting is the strongest and most obvious, the other settings are much more subtle. I don’t notice much of a physical reaction to the other settings, but you can visibly see the massage reaction in the muscles of your feet and legs. I tend to get fluid build-up in my legs, so thought it might help that – although it doesn’t appear to be affecting that, the massage does feel good on the feet.

Sister has neuropathy, however she is not satisfied with the product.

Seems to be helping my leg cramps at night. Easy to assemble and use.

I was so anxious to get this. I could not use it as instruction manual indicates you cannot use with a pacemaker. This should be written on sale page as I did not see a warning, only that it is good “suitable for everyone”. It appears to be a good product but I could not give the seller a 5 rating since it was not advertised very well.

I bought this product for my mom to use. Unfortunately it gives her sharp pains in her calf due to a metal rod she has. This is not stated in the products description on line! It is however in the instructions! Just a heads up for those that have had a knee replacement.


  • Provides relief for leg pain and discomfort
  • Gradually increases relief with consistent use
  • Potent and robust stimulation
  • Easy to use and charges quickly
  • Massage setting visibly relaxes muscles
  • Helps with leg cramps at night


  • Not suitable for use with a pacemaker
  • May cause discomfort for individuals with metal rods
  • Buttons could be spaced out better

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